S2E20: THE organically grown apex special

A 1.45 hour special with a brand new opening by spastic gamer (it’s trash just skip to 24 seconds) for the rest of season 2.

We talk about Petersons stint in rehab thanks to the ridiculous amounts of stress he’s going through, Islam is right about women (except you anon), a huge segway on humans, predators, and the apex of the entire combat planet that is earth, trudeus ridiculous relationship with castro (before death),

I was able to source the stories in question, we were pretty drunk so some of the descriptions are off, and I couldn’t find every story, but I found the best ones.

Sauce on the alcohol story: Clint stone

You can find the rest of the clint stone series here

And you can find other stories (though some are absolute shit so it takes some wading through) right here

Dan Mason

Fucking do it