Relapse: Campfire stories 5

Nevi, shuzo, and lofam get together to talk about their autistic childhoods. I apologize for some of the vocal warps, I tried to keep them to a minimum but we were way to drunk to record ourselves so we used the backup system which has a few minor glitches. So Nevi and Shuzos audio sometimes gets deeper or higher pitched with no predictable outcome. Lofams seems to be mostly clear. Enjoy our bonus episode for you this week. And happy halloween everyone.

From our talks: KOL radio



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All sound effects are public and the lullaby OP for campfire stories is made by Nevi.

The main Kill it with cancer OST can be found on soundcloud here, brought to you by four incredibly talented artists who have all agreed to be featured in our podcast. Please give them a look!

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